Laipni l?gti Olafa lap?

izveidota ar asinhronu D

My name is Olafs Vandans. I'm a professional vapourware producer specialising in game engines. I find excitement in functional programming and obscure horror games.

During university I, Rory and Bartek created a fail startup called The Big Tea Party. 2 years later I read the reasons for its failure in Peter Thiel's book Zero to one. Tl;dr: marginal innovation doesn't sell well.

I am currently working as a consultant at Scene, designing a data analysis platform for the Energy Archipelago project. I also did an internship at the Amazon development centre in Edinburgh, Scotland, where I ran a machine learning task on the whole web.

CV: PDF | HTML | GitHub

This website is a vanity project created to showcase my programming feats and the occasional real world experience.

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Travel: Singapore, China, Kenya,

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